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Rabbi David Philipson: A Voice in Opposition

A member of the first graduating class of Hebrew Union College (HUC), David Philipson (1862-1949) attended HUC following a direct invitation from Rabbi Isaac M. Wise. Born to German-Jewish immigrants in Wabash, Indiana, Philipson proved a prominent scholar. He spoke six languages, including: English, Hebrew, German, Arabic, Aramaic and Amharic. Perhaps you have heard of…

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Lesson Plan – Breaking Down Identity Barriers (WWII and 9/11)


On February 3, 1943 — a day in the midst of a war motivated by identity persecution — the U.S.S Dorchester was torpedoed off the coast of Greenland (Krome), causing a tragic turn of events for the military passengers of this vessel. As the ship began to sink four military chaplains — Protestant Reverends George…

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