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The B'nai Ya'akov Council

The Council serves as an advisory panel that provides The Marcus Center's Executive Director with counsel on a wide range of matters including the Center's overall educational program, its role in our movement, its relationship with the Central Conference of American Rabbis and HUC-JIR rabbinic alumni, and any other matters deemed necessary by the Executive Director.

In addition members work on behalf of The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives, to be its advocate in our Movement, in scholarly circles, and to strive actively to enhance its collection, its program, and its reputation in their congregations and institutions world-wide.

All members of the Council are listed in publications of the AJA including the semi-annual award-winning, American Jewish Archives Journal. In addition, B'nai Ya'akov members are invited to attend the Council's annual meeting held at the CCAR. These meetings feature leading scholars in American Jewish history who speak on an engaging topic, and also provide information on the news from the AJA.