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Genealogy Research: First American Jewish Families

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ALEXANDER  Eleanor   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 84 (ALL)
ALLIGER  Celestine Aline Goldschmidt Burchell   Pg: 84 (ALL)
ALLIGER  F. T.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(d. 1901)
BROUGHTON  Alexander   Pg: 84 (ALL)
BROUGHTON  Irene   Pg: 84 (ALL)
BROUGHTON  Rose Marion Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL)
BROUGHTON  William   Pg: 84 (ALL)
BRUNSON  F. Newton   Pg: 84 (ALL)
BRUNSON  Maude Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL)
BRUNSON  Mildred   Pg: 84 (ALL)
BRUNSON  Rose   Pg: 84 (ALL)
BURCHELL  Celestine Aline Goldschmidt   Pg: 84 (ALL)
BURCHELL  John   Pg: 84 (ALL)
CARROLL  David   Pg: 84 (ALL)
CARROLL  Irene Broughton   Pg: 84 (ALL)
CHESEBROUGH  Ellen   Pg: 84 (ALL)
DE VINNE  Grace   Pg: 84 (ALL)
DICKEY  Celestine Aline Goldschmidt Burchell Alliger   Pg: 84 (ALL)
DICKEY  R. C.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
DURHAM  Henrietta Melton   Pg: 84 (ALL)
DURHAM  Ross   Pg: 84 (ALL)
ELSWORTH  Florence   Pg: 84 (ALL)
FOWLER  Mildred Brunson Power   Pg: 84 (ALL)
FOWLER  Raymond   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GARDNER  Celestine Aline Goldschmidt Burchell Alliger Dickey   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GARDNER  H. G.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSCHMIDT  Aline Lefebre   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSCHMIDT  Celestine Aline   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1867)
GOLDSCHMIDT  Clestine Judah   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
GOLDSCHMIDT  Edward   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1856)
GOLDSCHMIDT  Ellen Chesebrough   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSCHMIDT  Florence   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSCHMIDT  Florence Elsworth   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSCHMIDT  George B   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSCHMIDT  Grace Kingman   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSCHMIDT  Hildegarde   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1885)
GOLDSCHMIDT  John Myer   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
GOLDSCHMIDT  John, Jr.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSCHMIDT  Samuel Anthony   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1848)
GOLDSMITH  Abraham Alexander   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Albert Sidney   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Anne Sampson   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Catherine   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Edward H., Jr.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Edward Hilzheim   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Eleanor   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Eleanor Alexander   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Eliza L   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Eva Maas   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Fanny Triest   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Frances   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(d. 1905)
GOLDSMITH  Frances (Fanny) Phillips   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 247 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Hannah A.   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1903)
GOLDSMITH  Helen (dau. of Moses Marcus)   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Henrietta Eleanor   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Irene Mae   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Isaac   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 247 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Isaac (son of Abraham A.)   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Isaac M.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Isaac Phillips   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Joseph J. (son of Isaac)   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Joseph J. (son of Moses)   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Katherine (dau. of Abraham A.)   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Katherine Alexander   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Lila (Eliza)   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Lillian Maas   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Lillian Rose   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Maude   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Maurice   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Mikell Myers   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Moses   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Moses Marcus   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Oliver Clifton   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Raphal Benjamin   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Rebecca   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(d. 1882)
GOLDSMITH  Rose Hilzheim   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Rose Marion   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Sarah Ann   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Stanley   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  Vivian   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GOLDSMITH  W. Henry   Pg: 84 (ALL)
GREENEBAUM  Henrietta   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HALSEY  Ashley   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HALSEY  Ashley, Jr.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HALSEY  Eleanor Loeb   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HALSEY  Eugene   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HALSEY  William Melton   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HELBERT  Elsworth   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1888)
HELBERT  George Kingman   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1882)
HELBERT  Grace De Vinne   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HELBERT  Theodore De Vinne   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1920)
HENNIG  Helen Kohn   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HENNIG  Julius Henry   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HENNING  Helen Kohn   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HENNING  Irene K.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HENNING  Julius H., Jr.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HENNING  Julius Henry   Pg: 84 (ALL)
HILZHEIM  Rose   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 84 (ALL)
JACOBS  Henry Hart   Pg: 84 (ALL)
JACOBS  Katherine Alexander Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL)
JUDAH  Celestine   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 139 (ALL)
KOHN  August   Pg: 84 (ALL)
KOHN  August III   Pg: 84 (ALL)
KOHN  August, Jr.   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 196 (ALL)
KOHN  Dorita Cecilia Moise   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 196 (ALL)
KOHN  Helen   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1896)
KOHN  Henrietta Greenebaum   Pg: 84 (ALL)
KOHN  Irene Mae Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL)
KOHN  Mary Alice   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 164 (ALL) Pg: 196 (ALL)
KOHN  Theodore   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1902)
KTNGMAN  Grace   Pg: 84 (ALL)
LEFEBRE  Aline   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(d. 1869)
LEVY  Edward S.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
LEVY  Frances Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL)
LION  Hortense Maxine   Pg: 84 (ALL)
LOEB  Eleanor   Pg: 84 (ALL)
LOEB  Eliza L. Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL)
LOEB  Eugene   Pg: 84 (ALL)
LOEB  Jacob H.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
LOEB  Netta (Henrietta)   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MAAS  Eva   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MAAS  Lillian   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MAGNUS  Joseph Alexander   Pg: 8 (ALL) Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1927)
MC ELVEEN  Henry Moody Jr.   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 164 (ALL)
MELTON  Henrietta   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MELTON  Netta (Henrietta) Loeb   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MELTON  William D.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
MOISE  Dorita Cecilia   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 196 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Hannah A. Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Julius Hertz   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
OPPENHEIM  Samuel Hertz   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
(d. 1910)
OPPENHEIM  Sarah Ann Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 235 (ALL)
PHILLIPS  Frances (Fanny)   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 247 (ALL)
POWER  Eugene   Pg: 84 (ALL)
POWER  Gene   Pg: 84 (ALL)
POWER  Mildred Brunson   Pg: 84 (ALL)
RUSSELL  Henry Harold   Pg: 84 (ALL)
RUSSELL  Hortense Maxine Lion   Pg: 84 (ALL)
RUSSELL  Kate Gene   Pg: 84 (ALL)
RUSSELL  Richard Lion   Pg: 84 (ALL)
SAMPSON  Anne   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
SAMPSON  Catherine Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
SAMPSON  Samuel (son of Samuel)   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 259 (ALL)
SAMSON  Joseph   Pg: 84 (ALL)
SAMSON  Rebecca Goldsmith   Pg: 84 (ALL)
STRASBURGER  Alvin   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 164 (ALL)
STRASBURGER  Alvin, Jr.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
STRASBURGER  August Kohn   Pg: 84 (ALL)
STRASBURGER  David Lafayette   Pg: 84 (ALL)
STRASBURGER  Mary Alice Kohn McElveen   Pg: 84 (ALL) Pg: 164 (ALL)
TRIEST  Fanny   Pg: 84 (ALL)
WHITEHEAD  Florence F.   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1913)
WHITEHEAD  Hildegarde   Pg: 84 (ALL)
(b. 1915)
WHITEHEAD  Hildegarde Goldschmidt   Pg: 84 (ALL)
WHITEHEAD  Russel F.   Pg: 84 (ALL)